2018 Bud Billiken® Parade FAQs


1. QUESTION: Can I apply in person or mail in my application?


ANSWER: No. All applications must be submitted online through our website.


2. QUESTION: Should I pay my fees at the time I submit my application?


ANSWER: No. Fees will be collected after your application has been accepted.


3. QUESTION: How will I know if I have been accepted or not to participate in the Parade?


ANSWER: You will receive an email from us informing you of our decision.


4. QUESTION: When will I know if I have been accepted or not to participate in the Parade?


ANSWER: No later than Monday, April 16, 2018.


5. QUESTION: Why an application process and not just registration like it always has been?


ANSWER: The application process allows us to have better control over the Parade which is needed at this time.


6. QUESTION: I have been participating in the Bud for many years. Won’t this guarantee me a spot in the parade?


ANSWER: No it will not. Many factors are used to determine an individual or groups participation in the Bud Billiken® Parade. For example, given the limit on the number of units, we have to seriously consider a unit that may not have extensively participated in the Parade and yet is otherwise worthy of participation.


7. QUESTION: If I miss the application deadline, can I get an extension?


ANSWER: No because we have to be fair to everyone.


8. QUESTION: Once accepted will I be permitted to pay my fee in installments?


ANSWER: Yes. You must pay half down immediately and the remainder within 15 days.


9. QUESTION: What happens if I paid half down and missed my final payment deadline?


ANSWER: You will be de-entered from the Parade and someone else given the spot you did not pay for. Your fee will be returned to you minus a 15% service and handling fee.


10. QUESTION: Is there an appeal process if my application is denied?


ANSWER: No. The decision is final

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